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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Urginea Indica ??

This photo has been taken from the Kawal Tiger Reserve in Andra Pradesh. this species has underground bulbs and the leaves and flowering stalk comes out just before the onset of monsoon. it often considered as an Indicator for upcoming monsoon rain.  ( need more taxonomical verification)

Givotia rottleriformis

 A moderate sized  deciduous tree found in the deciduous forests of South India and Maharashtra and also in Sri Lanka. thsi species has palmately lobed leaves and is belonging to the family euphorbiaceae. its unique white coloured wood is used to carve toys and lacquered articles. Famous KONDAPALLI TOYS of Andhra Pradesh is made exclusively from its wood . The seed of the tree yields oil. this picture has been taken from Kondapalli village , of Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ochna squarrosa

A small sub-deciduous tree found in the dry deciduous forests of india . Leaves alternate, obovate, elliptic, sharply serrate. Flowers fragrant and yellow in colour. locally known as  Hindi: Ramdhan Champa • Kannada: Ramatana champaka • Telugu: Sunari, Tammi, Erra Juvvi, Kukkamovi •Tamil: Kalkuruvi, Chilanti. this photo has been taken from NSTR, A.P. 

Careya arborea bloom

Careya arborea is a deciduous tree belonging to the family Lecythidaceae and  grows up to 15m-45ft high. it is common species in dry deciduous and moist deciduous forests of India. Its leaves turn red in the cold season. Flowers are yellow or white in colour that become large green berries. fruits are often eaten by bats and some birds. this picture has been taken from NSTR, A.P. this species is locally known as pezhu in malayalam, Kumbhi in hindi and slow match tree in english. 

Cipadessa baccifera

Cipadessa is a small sized tree belonging to the family Meliaceae. Leaves are compound, imparipinnate, 10-28 cm long, alternate, spiral, often crowded at twig ends. Found throughout india in a wide range of climates ranging from moist deciduous to fringes shola forests.  

Firmiana colorata in bloom

Firmiana colorata (Sterculia colorata) is a medium sized deciduous tree with fluted stem and having palmate leaves ( 3-5 lobed) clustered at the end of brachlets. Flowers are showy scarlet or orange red, solitary or in clusters of 2-3 in short panicles from the axils of fallen leaves. it occurs  through out the dry deciduous forests and moist deciduous forests of India (present both in Eastern Ghats and Wester Ghats). this picture has been taken from Farhabad region of Nagarjuna Sagar Sreesylum Tiger Reserve (NSTR),AP.